About Syl’s Delights

Hi I’m Syl!
I’m the founder and baker of your custom confectionery here at Syl’s Delights.
Syl’s Delights started as a fun gig! In the midst of planning one of my daughter’s 5th birthday I ran out of idea’s and wanted something unique for the Frozen theme my daughter had chosen. It became so hard to brain storm that I browsed online for sweets I could simply make without it costing me an arm and a leg… I stumbled upon a lot of amazing idea’s I would’ve never known existed if I hadn’t decided to make it a unique celebration…. I chose to go for cakepops since that looked like something I could easily make (I had honestly never heard of a cakepop! I guess motherhood kept me in a shell I was comfortable staying in, which if I look back now I’m happy I broke out of). And thus, my first ever cakepops were snow man cakepops aka Olaf. The second time I made about 120 cakepops for a friends wedding and became a bit more interested in creating sophisticated confectionery and thus Syl’s Delights was established!

In December 2017 I took my first big step for the company and jumped into the local farmers market where we became official vendors at the Harrisonburg farmers market. Our locals welcomed us with open arms which was such a beautiful experience for us. Being at the farmers market made it easy to experience with different cupcake flavors and other homemade treats. I can say we got a lot of positive feedback from our consumers, even a few not so happy ones, which we greatly appreciated and took into consideration when tweaking our product recipes. With our growing online demand, we decided to step away from the Harrisonburg farmers market in January 2020.
We’re forever thankful for the love and commitment our market customers have given us throughout our years there! 

At Syl’s Delights we create confectionery using high quality ingredients, our treats are sprinkled and painted with FDA approved edible glitter, edible paint and edible images printed on Kosher edible paper. We personally follow the Zabiha halal diet, which means we avoid anything with animal byproducts and additives as well as alcohol. It’s basically vegetarian! You will however find halal gelatin in the Marshmallow pops, Marshmallow buttercream and homemade Rice krispies treats. We’ve made orders for locals and have shipped as far as Hawaii! Please have a look at our products and feel free to contact me with any questions… If you don’t see what you need, shoot me a msg, we’ll get creating! Looking forward to being a part of your party planning team!


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