Cupcakes & Specialty

Cupcakes have taken over the traditional birthday and wedding cakes, whatever you’re celebrating a cupcake has to be one of the main desserts at your party!  They’re simply amazing and the creations are endless…. Whatever you’re celebrating our homemade cupcakes will delight your guests!

Syl’s traditional flavored cupcakes

 Vanilla – A light vanilla flavored cupcake, loved by everyone!

Chocolate – You can certainly taste the chocolate in this cupcake!

Red Velvet – What a delicious red velvet cupcake this is! This can be turned into a gourmet cupcake with homemade cream cheese buttercream!

Lemon – A refreshing cupcake indeed!

Syl’s gourmet flavored cupcakes

 Ferrero Rocher – Find a Ferrero Rocher candy baked in each cupcake, cupcake is frosted with homemade Nutella buttercream and topped with another Ferrero Rocher candy! This is one of our bestsellers loved by all ages!
Caramel Macchiato – If you love a cup of caramel macchiato you’re definitely going to love this cupcake! It’s the coffee all throughout the coffee cupcake, frosted with homemade coffee buttercream then drizzled with caramel, in one word: YUM! This is another bestseller!
Oreo cookies & cream – Each vanilla cupcake has an Oreo cookie baked in the bottom, that’s not why this is called the ultimate cookies and cream experience…. The cupcakes are frosted with homemade Oreo cookies and cream buttercream, in other words; there’s Oreo cookies in your buttercream! This cupcake is loved by the younger and older audience!
Red Velvet Cream Cheese – Don’t be surprised to find chunks of cheese cake when biting into this cupcake! Each cupcake is filled with a good amount of cream cheese that’s baked in the red velvet cupcake, you will love the light and fluffy homemade cream cheese buttercream this crowd lover is frosted with!
Tiramisu – If you’ve had the Italian Tiramisu dessert you know there’s also coffee and chocolate in it. We created our own version of the Tiramisu cupcake without the crunchy lady finger. You’ll find the right balance of coffee and chocolate in the vanilla cupcake that’s frosted with our homemade Mascarpone buttercream that’s dusted with rich cocoa powder. This is one of our bestsellers!
Godiva dark chocolate – Dark chocolate lovers, this one’s for you! A moist dark chocolate cupcake baked with the finest ingredients is frosted with our homemade dark chocolate buttercream and topped with a Godiva dark chocolate. I told you you’d love this!
Tres leches – If you’ve ever had tres leches you know this cupcake will be soaked in condensed milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream. You’ll find all three milks (hence the name tres leches) in each cupcake. This Vanilla white chocolate cupcake is our own twist to the Spanish famous cake, we hope you’ll enjoy the combination with our homemade mascarpone buttercream that’s drizzled with overly delicious condensed milk.
Raspberry white chocolate – this isn’t your ordinary vanilla cupcake, our version is baked with white chocolate into the cupcake making it a rich flavored cupcake. We then squirt a decent amount of raspberry jelly in the middle and frost it with our homemade white chocolate buttercream mixed in with a bit of raspberries. This cupcake is another one of our crowd lovers!
S’mores – You don’t need to wait for s’more season to have these cupcakes, we make our s’mores cupcakes all year round! This chocolate cupcake has a cookie crust and chocolate baked in the bottom of each cupcake. Our homemade marshmallow buttercream gives you the experience of a s’more without the mess!
Peanut Butter & Jelly – Who didn’t grow up with a PB&J sandwich?! We’re never too old to relive the moment of our childhood with this peanut butter & jelly cupcake… each cupcake is filled with a dollop of jelly and frosted with our homemade peanut butter buttercream!  One of my personal favorites!
All gourmet cupcakes are decorated to represent their flavor.
Personal fondant toppers are available on request and can be added for an additional cost. We decorate your cupcakes with FDA approved edible glitter, edible paint, numbers and even an all edible image!


At Syl’s Delights we give you quality products at affordable prices, our Chocolate Covered Strawberries is a great example of that! Each fresh strawberry is carefully selected and dipped in exquisite chocolate. If you’ve had our chocolate covered strawberries at the farmers market, you know the chocolate we use is so heavenly creamy it just melts in your mouth… that with a strawberry, YES PLEASE! Chocolate covered strawberries are great gifts for your host, valentine’s day or any day you feel like spoiling your loved ones…. We can change the color, add edible embellishments to make them the perfect edible gift!

A luxury dessert is here! Chocolate strawberry bouquet and towers are candy to the eye! Surprise your loved one with a beautiful delivery of sweet strawberries dipped in exquisite chocolate that’s made into a beautiful looking bouquet! Strawberry towers have double the number of strawberries on them thus making them perfect for large gatherings… Have a certain theme? We can change up the colors to fit them into your theme!

A Cupcake Bouquet is the sweetest gift one can surprise their loved ones with! Instead of gifting them flowers that will most likely start to welt in two days, give them a basket of cupcake flowers. They not only resemble real flowers, but they also satisfy the taste buds as well! We have something for every budget!

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