Cakepops / Cakesicles

Cakepops and Cakesicles are kinda for like any time….
They can be made for simple gatherings, personalized with an edible image and beautifully dressed up with edible decoration for your lavish event! These are the truffle kinda pops where we crumble the cake, mix in some frosting and shape them into balls (most of the time). After that we poke a stick in it and dip them in melted chocolate, right before it sets we decorate them with sprinkles and personalize them even further.

We offer cakepops and cakesicles in a variety of different flavors:
Vanilla – Chocolate – Marble – Red Velvet – Funfetti – Lemon – Dark chocolate – Nutella – Oreo cookies & cream – Biscoff – Chocolate Chip
Ferrero Rocher (cakesicles only) – Tres leches (cakesicles only)